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Early developmental models of distributor-type injection pump for controlling engine speed. The distributor-type rotary diesel-fuel injection pump helped to make smaller, high-speed diesel engines cost competitive with gasoline engines and opened up markets for the diesel engine in agriculture, marine propulsion, and power generation.

Mechanical injection forces fuel through a spray nozzle into the cylinders of a diesel engine under hydraulic pressures of 2, pounds per square inch or more. The Roosa Master injection pump was the first distributor-type to provide a simple mechanism for controlling the speed of generator sets, thereby reducing its complexity and number of parts. The pump combines a single-cylinder opposed-plunger pumping system to feed all cylinders of a multicylinder engine with the concept of inlet metering.

This method of plunger action reduces the size and weight from the in-line camshaft system. The Roosa Master was manufactured by the Hartford Machine Screw Company now Stanadynewhich was founded in by Christopher Spencer for the production of screws and other fasteners on the Hartford automatic screw machine.


The rotary distributor-type diesel fuel injection pump was invented by Vernon Roosa in Ernest J. Willson was development engineer and Leonard Baxter assisted. Roosa's injection pump concept had come to the attention of the company in while Roosa was in New York City repairing and maintaining diesel-electric generator sets.

In June, Roosa and Willson went to Hartford to develop the concept for the pump, and by the first contract. Cutaway view of the fuel injection pump. Stanadyne Auto Corp. ASME Membership 1 year has been added to your cart.

roosa master parts

The price of yearly membership depends on a number of factors, so final price will be calculated during checkout. Section Menu. About the Landmarks Program.

Examples in the Landmark Process. Gaps List for Landmark Nominators. Landmarks Criteria. Landmarks Frequently Asked Questions. Landmarks Guidelines: A Starting Place.

Nominating a Landmark. Working with Companies. Landmark Locations.We are the premier supplier of remanufactured and reconditioned diesel fuel injection parts including. We specialize in reconditioning fuel injector nozzles, repair seal areas on drive shafts, re-sleeved advanced piston bore on DB2 pump housings and re-pin Roosa Master weight retainers. The DNR remanufacturing program is an economical alternative to purchasing new replacement parts. DNR uses our own exclusive specifications in combination with modern milling, grinding, honing and lapping processes.

Final inspection and calibration is done with the latest equipment and specifications. All work is done in the U. Visit Diesel Nozzle Reconditioning Industries website at www. We are the premier supplier of remanufactured and reconditioned diesel fuel injection parts including ROOSA MASTER We specialize in reconditioning fuel injector nozzles, repair seal areas on drive shafts, re-sleeved advanced piston bore on DB2 pump housings and re-pin Roosa Master weight retainers.

Diesel Nozzle Reconditioning Industries, Inc. These are just some of the injector system brand names we coverThere are hundreds of applications that this kit will work. These are aftermarket kits are OEM quality, There are actually better in my opinion Also inside this kit are the line washers and drive seals needed for installation. As well as the "well know Flex-Ring" which is the culprit of pump failure most of the time. M — F - CT "Jason will be your pump man if you let him" From a Customer who Found Us on Ebay: "Just a note to let you know that the injector pump that you re-built for me works like brand new.

Thank You so much Ken - AZ I rebuild and set these pumps for a living, and have been doing so for 33 years, If you would like to send me your pump to be rebuilt, contact me.

We can also check and clean your injectors for free, so send them along as well. After checking your injectors, we can give a quote if any fail testing. Engine will not start when warm, after sitting from minutes.

But does start when cool. This may indicates a bad head and rotor. Cam ring in pump is worn, requires inspection during tear down.

Pump has excessive rust and corrosion. Housing is damage or unusable.

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Here is how it works: Contact me with your pumps Models numbers. I will try to give you a closer estimate based on the problems you describe. Pump must not have been taken apart. Pump must be drained of all fuel as shipping service may return or destroy packages that leak fuel.

You ship your pump to me pre-paid. Packaged well, I can not be responsible for items damaged in shipment We check the pump and contact you with a full estimate, return shipping cost and time you should expect your pump back. Normal times are a week to 10 days. If you choose not to have your pump rebuilt after the estimate, all you pay is freight back to you.

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Why would you want to do this? Pump will be cleaned, inspected, rebuilt, tested and will look and run great. All fully rebuilt units are invoiced and include a 6 months warranty. We will provide tips for reinstalling as well as some of the parts you may need to do so. We have access to parts, specifications and test equipment to make sure your pump is right.

Remember the call is free, the service is great and my knowledge base covers over 33 years. DC pumps are higher Payment for rebuilt pumps must be paypal or Credit Card before we can ship the pump back to you, Thanks.

Not only does it control your engine it also protects it as well. Repairing your pump yourself is a great way to save money. However, extra care must be used as serious pump and or engine damage can occur. A person repairing their own injection pump is assuming their own risk.

Super high amount of views. Top-Rated Seller! Ships on time with tracking, 0 problems with past sales.John Deere. Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH.

Ford 9N,2N,8N. Massey Ferguson. Roosa-master pump. View previous topic :: View next topic. It has a Pyro, injectors are good and I regularly clean the radiator. I enjjoy tinkering with stuff and was just curious. Back to top. Yes - but only to a certain point. The pump's capacity to overfuel is limited by the size and amount of the plungers it uses. Years back, when tractor-pulling was not big-business yet, I used to turn up pumps for local farmers to pull at the county fair - and then turn back down.

For custom-tractors that are not intended for farm use, you can install a pump with either larger plungers - or - a pump with four plungers instead of two. DM4 series has four. JDB has larger plungers - i. THe original pump on the has a fuel-screw that was originally protected by shims to stop anyone from turning it up very much. They often get removed - so they may - or may not be there. You can take the top-cover off the pump on the side with aand reach in with an hex Allen wrench to turn the screw clockwise.

How do I tell which pump I have? Is there a number coded on it somewhere I can look at? It has a metal tag on it with all the info. Tab is riveted on, just wipe the grease off to see it. The obsolete C series pump is small and round. Electric shut-off uses a push-on connector and you can pull it off by hand.

Throttle hooks to a long tube that extends away from the pump. The DB or JDB pump is long and rectangular - and has a top cover side cover on a held on by three bolts.

Roosa Master Injection, Roosa Master Fuel Injection Pumps

If it has an electric shut-off, the wire is held on to this cover with a nut and stud. Throttle hooks directly to a shaft that runs through the main body of the injection pump. Here's a picture of the little round C pump -that hopefully you don't have. Here's are diagrams of the JDB or DB pump - which is still current and parts are still available for.

I will have to double check but I think I have the newer style. Are these that much better? One pump model isn't newer or better than the other.Tractor Talk. Shop Now. View Cart. Allis Chalmers. Farmall IH. Ford 9N,2N,8N. John Deere. Massey Ferguson. Roosa master rebuild question. View previous topic :: View next topic.

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I am attempting my first rebuild on a JDB roosa Master pump. The hydraulic head is my issue. I took out three screws located on the top. According to picture. As I was disassembling the head I suddenly saw a short and long pin. Does anyone know where they go?

Thank you. Back to top. The short one is the vent wire, it goes in first in the ANGLED hole, and the longer retainer wire goes on top, then the plug. WHY did you remove the leaf spring??

Remanufactured Stanadyne Roosa Master Fuel Injection Pumps

That should have been left alone unless you have the centrality gauge to set the rollers correctly. Report to Moderator.

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Just not work for a novice, hope you the best of luck but most times when I have seen this tried it ended up going to a pump shop. First and foremost Thank you The manual did not show that part of it I looked for hours on line with no luck And I do have a gauge to set the rollers Thanks again.

Thanks Jim will need as much luck as I can get I have rebuilt motors transmissions axles carburetors Just about everything but an injection pump But I figure I wont learn if I dont try Worse case I fork over the money to have it done. Yes removing that leaf spring just made it to where you have zero idea of the fuel setting now. That spring limits how far out the rollers come and that in turn controls the pistons under the rollers. This set the maximum fuel delivery the pump can deliver.

It is a very sensitive adjustment. So a word of caution to any others out there that are "rebuilding" one of these pumps because of a governor ring failure.

You do not have to take the entire pump apart down to this level. You just need to clean out the fuel passages in the head.Reman Roosa Master injection pump. All of our pumps are thoroughly overhauled using all new original OE parts and are then put through a rigorous quality inspection and calibration process to ensure each pump meets all OEM specifications. This pump comes complete with all fittings and is ready to bolt on to the engine. We also include all of the pump mounting gaskets, seals, and o-rings required for installation as well as a one year warranty.

This pump is set to factory specifications, however, if you would like it set up for a higher than factory horsepower, please let us know and we can calibrate it accordingly.

Call us at toll free for a repair estimate on your truck, tractor, or combine injection pump — we do them all! All repairs, testing and calibration are done in house, with a fast turn around time, and great warranty on all parts and service. Your one-stop-shop for all your diesel needs. Home Checkout Location Ask a Question. My Cart. All Rights Reserved. Website By The Stevens Company.If team score is zero then bets void.

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Case 580D (Roosa Master DM4) Low Power & Poor Idle Fix

To Win In OT - Includes overtime only and excludes shootout if played. However, single bets on horse racing will be made void and any selection involved in accumulative bets will be treated as a non-runner if:The race is abandoned. The race is officially declared void.

roosa master parts

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roosa master parts

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roosa master parts

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